Sick Muse by Q.Z. Blaze


Now that they're making a movie, called "Ploything" (another of my poem titles), based on the furor that was caused by the recent announcement of the upcoming publication of my book/poem "Revolution", I guess I can start coming out from the shadows of the underground where I've been living since the serial publication of my book/poem "Found Poetry (In the Titles and Some Lines of the Poet's Market)" in 1994 when I was just a teen-aged girl. It was good advice to hide my identity.  I still don't show my picture on my book covers or publicize my face or even do many public readings but now that I'm in my thirties, I think I am better able to handle the publicity, disdain, criticism, emulation, fame, of being an uninhibited female voice.  It's kind of fun to think there will be a movie based on the response, governmental and otherwise, to the prospect of my book/poem "Revolution"  being published.  It's also nice to see "Found Poetry (In the Titles and Some Lines From the Poet's Market) being revived and used in the movie.  Fun to see what has changed since then.  I thought it was SO important to protest panty hose.  I thought it was so unfair what... well, you'll see when they put the movie in the theaters.   People had such trouble believing I'd written Found Poetry as a 'sweet' young girl.  It began to be serialized in 1990 or so and continued to grow until-- gosh!  i don't even remember when it was finally put out as a book.

Now, I hope you will indulge me in my serialization of my newest poem "Sick Muse", about the music industry and such.
Please let me know if you have any questions by using the contact page and please, please, make any criticism or comment on the guest book page.  I take to heart what you have to say as I work toward a book length poem.  I love my fans and love to hear from anyone, fan or not. 
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